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  • Although not strictly required, it is recommended to use your CMDR name here.
  • The topic of this instance is, of course, Elite: Dangerous and space exploration. It won't be strongly enforced, but you should make your toots private or unlisted if entirely off-topic.
  • Porn and nudity have no reason to be forbidden (stay on topic though), but only if properly marked as "sensitive". We don't want commanders to be afraid of tooting when they have passengers!
  • No harassment or abusive unwanted communications (including spam and advertising).
  • No hate speech or gratuitous aggression. Be nice; it's just common sense. (You can be an pirate, but not a racist pirate. Simple enough, right?)

Moderators get the right to warn you as many times as needed, mute your account (won't be displayed to anyone not following you), entirely suspend your account, and blow up your brand new ship if you don't follow these rules.

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