@JKB yes, I'm always sceptical with reviews. Learnt the hard way with movies, back in those days. :D

A friend who's a bit more involved in things gaming says the same happened with reviews of Mass Effect Andromeda - amazing game and reviewers complained about the rendering of faces.

release 2.4 is out for all platforms! The Thargoids are back! Aliens in our Galaxy. Whaaaaaaaaa!

via @JKB


@elomatreb thanks for the AFMU suggestion. I've heard that hypothesis before, but never validated. I'll give it a try tonight. :)

Playing and realising that I should have followed the engineers earlier. Or is there another way to get a corrosion resistant cargo rack?

Curious where the two CGs currently stand. Trucking in the name of science... love it!

#elitedangerous PSA for all the CMDRs out there; there is a cmdr.social instance, join us!


@er1n this result is bound to get them waaaaaay to much airtime in the coming period, among other things :((

just imagine if amazon dedicated some resources to making reusable free software out of all the tools it made for aws

now look at ceph and openstack and feel bad

1996: do you have email?
1997: do you have icq?
1998: do you have paltalk?
1999: do you have aim?
2000: do you have msn messenger?
2001: do you have yahoo messenger?
2003: do you have skype?
2004: do you have myspace?
2005: do you have facebook?
2007: do you have twitter?
2008: do you have instagram?
2010: do you have kik?
2011: do you have google talk?
2012: do you have facebook? (again)
2015: do you have discord?
2020: do you have email?
2025: do you have a telephone?
2030: do you have any water?

Happy to see a cmdr.social instance. Feels just right.


CMDR.SOCIAL, a social network dedicated to Elite: Dangerous. Available everywhere in the universe, thanks to our revolutionary progress in quantum entanglement. Feel free to share here your real-time fights or exploration log, trading tips, high-resolution space pictures, and other captain stories. Don't forget to mind your ship first; especially during docking. CMDR.SOCIAL cannot be held responsible for any damage.