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The next major section of my journey will be to follow the journey of the USS Voyager (Star Trek). Thankfully, a lot of the groundwork has been already completed by others, so mapping Trek's fictional stars onto the Elite Galaxy won't be such a chore. A major problem being that Trek's estimate of the size of the Milky Way is slightly larger than the one used here. Both claim to be accurate.

Anyway what it comes down to is that Occampa is outside the galactic rim by a direct map, so we (1/2)

I am now 65,279.35 Light Years from home.

Leaving the beacon, at 11:48GST, I made planetfall at Beagle Point II, "Darwin's Legacy" within a half kilometre of the original landing point.


He spent his days dashing around, making friends with anyone who came near him and accompanying CMDR Crispy Toast as his official "Exploring Buddy", on his adventures through space, often wrapped in a blanket.

To all Commanders who find this beacon, raise your hand and salute o7 to Zy. May he run wild and free.


Text of Beacon:

Memorial to Zy, Zylo, Zylophone
Tourist Spot 0712

Zy the Beagle was the epitome of the phrase "Man's Best Friend". Endlessly loyal and loving. Zy made sure his Commander was cuddled relentlessly after returning from a long journey; whether it was to another system, nebula, black hole... or just the local shop.


This morning, at 11:22GST (Galactic Standard Time) I entered the Beagle Point system. This beacon was in orbit of my destination planet (text in part 2)

That's enough flying for today. As I shut down the nav systems for the night, I am just 1,615.7 LY from Beagle Point (31 Jumps), or, for those who don't know, that's 63,692.5 LY from Sol. We're talking the length of the USS Voyager's trip in Star Trek, and I made it out here in about 2 weeks.

Anyway, unless I'm distracted, I should make planetfall early tomorrow, just after breakfast. I'll spend a couple of hours on the planet before deciding whether to try for further out, or turn back home.

Less than 8kLY now, stopped for food and relaxing

Distance to Beagle Point just dropped below 10kLY, only 201 jumps to go...

Staggering to the flight deck, coffee in hand.

Beagle Point is 16,301 LY er... thataway, we've got a full tank of Hydrogen Fuel, it's dark, and I have some sunglasses round here somewhere...

What could possibly go wrong?

Just dropped below 19kLY 360 more jumps.

Going to take a break to watch Dr Who and get some refreshment.

19,991.53 LY to Beagle Point. 379 Jumps.
The ship's been able to plot me a route without jumponium. It's a bit slower than EDDiscovery advised, but, I expect, safer.

Currently 21,648 LY from Beagle Point. Looks like I can make an almost straight line run from where I am with just 2 shots of basic jumponium.

Continuing to monitor.

Not so far yesterday but reasonable progress was made. Should reach Beagle Point by the weekend.

I'm doubling as ship's cook today, so I probably won't make it very far, just flying when I can get to the bridge. My chief engineer meanwhile is down in fabrication, working on a new control system for left handed commanders, so no co-piloting from that direction.

So I ended up last night somewhere in the Izanami region (Who picks these names anyway?), light years from anywhere.

Wasn't too bad a session, though I did boop a star at one point and needed to make some repairs, which is a whole other story. Still, I am on my way ...

25000ls across a system just to shoot probes at a waterworld. This is fine.

In the core, 2,500LY beyond Colonia... Lots of WWs and AWs out here.

Parked at Pedersen's Legacy while I relax with a drink and some anime.

Stopped at the moment since I found a system with two terraformable water worlds in a binary orbit, and a geologically active HMC near the primary. Wondering whether or not to land and take a closer look.

Just over 7000 light years to go... about 130 jumps.

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