The year is 3305.
Somewhere in a bunker on Earth, an AI recreation of George RR Martin is putting the finishing touches to the finale of A Song Of Ice and Fire.
Elsewhere, Star Citizen finally comes out of beta and is launched as a platform exclusive for the Cobra Mk IV's training console.
All around the galaxy, commanders and NPCs alike are proclaiming that this at last will be the year of Linux on the Desktop, though nobody remembers what a desktop actually refers to... [1/2]

The most common theory being that it's a now extinct marine mammal.
And fans are outraged at Bethesda's latest release, wondering why they can't get a bug-free game in either the Fallout or Elder Scrolls series.
However the biggest news is from the Frontier forum, where people are talking about something in the next update called "Space Legs". [2/2]

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