Arrived at the Colonia! Made several group photos with some of the my fleet carrier passengers.

Found brand new abandoned settlement few days ago. That was fun! Triangulation of signal by three points in space! Searching for candidate stars and planets. And as a result — new discovery and a small story to read.

Reporting a small improvement in perfomance after last update. It's strill 720p on low quality but at least now I can see something. And see it better than before.

Well, most of the issues happens near the planets and stations. Deep space, small outposts and fleet carriers do not making graphics messy. But anyway, i still playing Odyssey only on low quality and with 720p resolution.

Tried to make Odyssey work on my hardware (which is below minimal requirements). On any quality settings I'm getting low poly models with low textures. But if I choose lowest quality possible then sometimes Odyssey loads high-poly models. Why? Idk.

Also I can run this game smoothly only at 720p resolution.

GTX 750 Ti working awfully in Odyssey Alpha. Not sure that GPU is a main reason why graphics not loading properly.


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