Tried to play Odyssey yesterday. Noticed that while I was near the planetary base I was able to see normal (not lowpoly!) model of my weapon and utilities. Need to check is this happened because of third hotfix released 2 (3?) days ago or I just not visited any orbital stations and that's the reason.

Need to check this today.

@koloml I landed at Irkutsk in Alioth and went upstairs only to have my framerate drop to days per frame. Had to send it a SIGKILL since it ignored SIGTERM...

@BalooUriza did you applied this hack from reddit about deleting graphics settings?

@koloml I had to reinstall last Saturday because my hard drive died. So effectively I deleted everything.

@BalooUriza welp, one of my friends reported fps drop on his way-weaker-than-mine PC (even worser - laptop). So... Feels.

@koloml Seems like add on DLC shouldn't raise the minimum requirements, just let you turn it up to 11 if you want.

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