Well, most of the issues happens near the planets and stations. Deep space, small outposts and fleet carriers do not making graphics messy. But anyway, i still playing Odyssey only on low quality and with 720p resolution.

@koloml The low default actually looks better than the higher settings I used to use.

@BalooUriza the low is only quality where actually sometimes models loads normally. So yeah, that's truth.

@koloml I'm legit impressed with how much better low in Odyssey looks compared to higher settings in Horizons. #EliteDangerous

@koloml OK, landed at Lakon Central in Alioth to check out my home base in person, and of course it was already nighttime when I got there. But I was also surprised how badly it performed in that environment given it's vibing #Doom3 really, really hard. And how little interactivity there is... Didn't look like there was anything to do at any of the businesses.


@BalooUriza well, the only places where you can find bigger interactivity are planet bases. Stations are like some sort of... railway stations in irl, where you can do almost nothing.

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